Honesty-A Dirty Affliction Novel

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When a person falls down the rabbit hole, it’s difficult to climb back out.
And for Linc, it’s damn near impossible. Because he doesn’t want to. He needs the blissful ignorance the rock and roll lifestyle presents. As long as he can still make music, who cares how many girls he takes to bed or how much white powder he sucks up his nose?
When Honesty comes into his life, suddenly, he cares, because she’s the only one he wants in his bed from then on. She’s the little sister of his band mate and off limits, but Linc doesn’t care. He’s addicted to her, and he’s determined to have her.
Until he begins to develop true feelings for her and doubt creeps in. He’s not good enough for her, and the only way she’ll realize that is if he breaks her heart…

Honesty knows getting involved with Linc isn’t going to end well, but she wants him in the worst … and best … way. Unfortunately, as much as she tries not to, she falls hard and fast, and, despite Linc being adamant that he isn’t a relationship kind of guy, she hopes he can, one day, feel the same for her.
When she sees the true depth of his troubles, Honesty realizes it’ll take more than being with her to turn things around. In the meantime, she can’t stick around and see other women falling all over him. So, she heads back to college to allow her heart to heal.
Except, the news she receives only causes another crack to appear. Linc is deathly sick, and if Honesty doesn’t get to his side soon, he could be gone forever before she has a chance to tell him how she feels…

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