Honesty – A Dirty Affliction Novel Vol 1

Honesty - A Dirty Affliction Novel Vol 1

"He'll chew you up and spit you out." He told me. I'll take my chances."

Linc McKay
I’m the bass player for the top band in the nation, Dirty Affliction. I’m addicted to the fame and everything that goes with it. Sex, drugs, and rock music were my life. I didn’t have time for relationships, and I sure as hell didn’t want one. Why should I when there’s an endless line of groupies after every show? My world was turned on its axis the day Honesty Raines joined the tour.

I don’t want to hurt her. I just want to love her, but, I don’t know how.

Honesty Raines
I’m tired of being sheltered. I want to spread my wings and fly. Live my life like a twenty-four-year-old should. So when my brother offered to let me tour with his band, I jumped at the chance. There’s only one rule: stay away from their bass player.

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