Heartstrings – A Dirty Affliction Novel Vol 3


A Dirty Affliction Novel Vol 3

The world knows Chance Roberts as a rockstar, addict, and a man-wh*re. As the lead guitarist for the band, Dirty Affliction, the paparazzi has made his life an open book. But no one truly knows the man behind the music that battles daily with his own inner demons. The man that yearns for love and acceptance, yet can’t escape the darkness that haunts his soul.

No one…until Honor.

Honor Collins sees the softer side of Chance few seldom do. Beneath the guitar god persona lies a tender man caring enough to fund a children’s music program. Whether he believes it or not, Honor knows Chance is worth fighting for.

Can she save her broken man from himself? Or will the claws of his addiction rip them apart?

Heartstrings, written by Regina Frame is a sizzling page-turner filled with rock and roll romance!

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