Donut Hole

The Donut Hole by Regina Frame

Oh, the things you can do with donut glaze and cream filling!

Harper Abbott had tried for four years to get over her high school sweetheart. She thought she had done it until his band showed up in their small town to play for some rich kid’s birthday party. She tries to ignore his promises to make her remember just how good they were together, but she remembered. She remembered all too well what his touch was like, how soft his lips were on her neck.

He asks her for one weekend. That’s all he would need to make her see that they were meant to be. There was one thing standing in their way. She had a new business to run. She’d put everything she had and then some into The Donut Hole. If she lost it, she’d be homeless.
She agrees to go on one condition: He comes back to their small town and works with her for one weekend.

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